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THE WP7 Skin Is Available To Download

The LeSScro WP7 theme (which requires Wisbar Advance Desktop) appears to be the closest skin available to mimic WP7 and even includes the transition screens and appears to run pretty fast. And now it’s available for beta testing for WVGA users who donate. Want to see what it looks like?

And here’s a little more showing how it really runs, including setting the shortcut links as desired.


As you can see, this skin is more than skin deep. The author is in France and last I checked he was sleeping:) But you may want to donate now so you get your download early. The XDA thread is located here and his site is located here. If you try it out share your thoughts. It looks amazing. it still doesn’t give you the integration that WP7 has but a lot of the look and feel is there. And remember to turn off TF3D before running this  – you’ll need the memory:)