I must admit that I regularly search AT&T’s site for any clues that the Tilt 2 or Pure really exist and today I smiled. A search result yielded the updated No Worry Protection Program updated as of October 1 which show that the Tilt 2 will have a $125 deduction and the Pure will have a $50 deduction. Ok, so it’s not release date information but it is verifiable proof for the general public to see that both phones are loaded in their systems. Now let’s just see when we can actually get our hands on these…


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  2. […] have some more details about this device scattered in 3 posts [ Post 1 ] [ Post 2 ] [ Post 3 […]

  3. […] have some more details about this device scattered in 3 posts [ Post 1 ] [ Post 2 ] [ Post 3 […]

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