Here’s a page of video walkthroughs from T-Mobile to help new users get acquainted with their phones. In the demo on how to setup a shortcut key they show mapping the key for visual voicemail is the default:

Also, the HD2 will come with DoubleTwist preinstalled on the phone. This is the app that lets you sync with your PCs music, even iTunes.

And here’s Slacker:


By the way, these videos are dated March 20 so they are new. So yes, Slacker was trying to throw us off by denying that they had a WM app…or T-Mobile has some explaining to do.


  1. […] was only reported in our comments but not to the main site to let it live as long as possible). Then we showed you that the release videos from TMo of the HD2 showed Slacker was in fact included. And then today with the release of the HD2 Slacker made the release of Slacker for WM official. A […]

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