PPCGeeks member lwrdrchvy2 is an employee of T-Mobile (apparently in Missouri) and has been told that the HD2 will be released on March 24. Pretty exciting. He even has a picture to prove it:)

There’s no pricing available yet, and of course these dates may change, but  it’s good to have a date.

via TmoNews


  1. OK Just like many people here I got the reulgar battery as well made the original request when told to Monday, July 28th after CS Rep giving me a hard time to send it in the first place I made sure various times that he was in fact sending me the new extended one not the 920 mAh and what did I get on the 31st the 920 mAh Called back furious spoke with a new rep that just started working there after the first call forwarded to shadow support hung up on me stating it wasn’t available at the time and just hung up anyway when I spoke with this new girl she offered to stay on hold herself until she reached someone at shadow support to then switch me over It turned out she told me they didn’t know what I was talking about and never heard of the extended battery I told her well it exists and I am calling to request it the first person I spoke with knew what I was referring to but sent me the wrong one so I want you guys to send me the one I am entitled to I was told this new battery will be shipped free per existing shadow users request so I want it.She put me on hold spoke with shadow support again and returned to me with the same story they didn’t know and they don’t have such a thing -I told her with all due respect but I’m not buying that crap I was told T-Mobile has it I know T-Mobile has it I know people who have it already (you guys ofcourse) I’m entitled to it and I want it now!She reminded me she was new and wasn’t sure what I was referring to but would try to help after searching her database she found info on it stating it was called the Extended Battery Kit for the Shadow and that the request can be made through reulgar CS and NOT Shadow/PDA support (as mentioned by trappertam) she confirmed my Shadow color version and processed the order -I received today (August 5, 2008) and I am happy!Hope it does what is promised So far I have 3 920 mAh batteries and this new one I am good to go folks! Say hello to watching DVD movies!!!

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