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Totes Mens SmarTouch Gloves Review

I guess it all depends where you are in the world or country right now, but I know here in Pittsburgh it’s been cold, very cold, down way below zero some days and you need gloves and everything else to keep you warm. We live in a connected society where we always use our smartphones even outside in the cold and regular gloves just don’t work with a touchscreen as I’m sure you know. I’ve got several pairs of specialized gloves for touchscreens, they feature special threads in the tips of the fingers to make them capacitive and work with touchscreens. I like all of them but they all have one problem, they’re not very warm, sure they work but they’re just too thin to be warm on very cold days, but I found a pair that is nice and thick from GearZap. Today for review I have the men’s SmarTouch gloves from Totes or Isotoner and they’re inexpensive but best of all and most importantly I think is that they’re warm. So Read on…



Product: Totes MENS SmarTouch Gloves – Black

Price: £9.99 / $16.28

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Tap, pinch and scroll on your touchscreen device, all whilst wearing gloves
Most gloves wont work on capacitive touchscreen devices. This makes using your phone outside a pain, especially in cold weather as you can’t use them whilst wearing tradition gloves. The Totes SmarTouch Gloves are made using a conductive thread which allows you to fully interact with your touchscreen whilst still wearing gloves – making them perfect for use outside in cold weather.

Conductive thread woven into finger tips for easy control
The Totes gloves feature their latest innovation – SmarTouch. SmarTouch is a special conductive material which is woven into the glove and the index finger and enables you to fully operate your touchscreen device. This makes the glove idea for use with all smartphones, tablets and touchscreen cameras.

Non-slip, suede palm improves your grip to prevent you dropping your device
The palm of the glove features a suede grip which improves your grip over your device, preventing it from slipping out of your hand and dropping to the floor.

Thick material designed to keep your hands warm
The gloves are made from a thick, wind and water resistant fleece which is designed to keep your hands nice and warm in cold weather. The gloves are easy to wear as they conform to the shape of your hand, offering a snug, warm fit.

Universal ‘one-size-fits-all’ design
The Totes come in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ design so it offers universal compatibility.


The Totes SmarTouch gloves were provided by GearZap for review where you can find all kinds of mobile stuff like iPad Air Accessories and just a whole lot more.



Impressions / Review:


There’s no box or anything like that, no parts all all that so we’re just skipping the whole unboxing part today.

The overall packaging is just a plastic bag, nothing special.

totes1 totes2


The gloves come affixed to a cardboard hang tag with a little bit of info on them.


 totes4 totes5


Here’s the tops and bottoms of the gloves, they’re black and there’s not much to really look at.




On the palms of the gloves is a patch of suede if help you grip things better, it’s a nice touch I think.




The tips of the index finger and thumb have special conductive or capacitive thread in them to make them work with the average touchscreen.



The SmarTouch gloves are very thick, they’re more than twice as thick as the gloves I’ve been wearing which are also for touchscreens. These one as you can see below barely show anything through the knitting.



Now if you look at these you can plainly see the skin of my hands through the gloves, they’re much thinner than the Totes are.



One of the other things I really like about these gloves is the fact that they go up and cover my wrists so in the winter they help keep me  warmer by going up under the sleeve of my coat.



The one small complaint I could have is that only two of the fingers are capacitive. For me it’s an issue because my other gloves have all five fingers capacitive but if you’ve never owned a pair then it won’t matter much to you.


totes14 totes15


The gloves are comfortable and they work fine with my HTC One phone and they kept my hand warm.





The first thing I have to mention is the price, they’re inexpensive for the quality they are. The second pair of gloves I showed you above are from NewerTech and they originally cost about $20 while these Totes only cost about $16 and they’re much nicer and just better gloves overall.

Next, these gloves are thick making them very warm which is something to me that’s very important. Yes it’s important that they work with touchscreens and they do that just fine, but they’re gloves so they should keep your hands warm and these do.

Gloves might not be the most exciting product to review but if you’ve ever stood out in the freezing cold with your hands bare and used your phone then you’ll understand how a capacitive pair of gloves can be very helpful and welcome.

If you’re thinking about buying a pair of gloves like these then I can highly recommend you get these.



+Work with touchscreen

-Kind of big
-Only two fingers capacitive



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.

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