The Touchpad is getting closer to an android port from the  CyanogenMod team.  So far they have demoed a working version that includes multi-touch driver support, 3D gaming and in the video below they are demonstrating the ACME tool (another CyanogenMod experimental installer).








[Redmond Pie]


  1. I’m very tempted to grab one of these, even for the “premium” price they’re selling for at XDA. It’s still a whole lotta hardware for $245 for 32GB model compared to current retail selling tablets.

  2. I don’t know that I would have initially grabbed one for that price but I would definitely consider it now that I have had one since the price drop. I use it way more than I thought I would.

  3. CyanogenMod, by the way, is not some fringe custom rom operation in spite of its funky sounding name. Millions use it (well, low millions). And they don’t just use it because it’s a little faster or whatever than stock, they use it in many cases to get that pure Google experience, the chief difference between CM’s Google Experience and Google’s stock rom Google Experience being what I’d characterize as being able to drive the stock rom in stick shift as opposed to automatic.

    Also, a whole lot of people involved with the development of CyanogenMod for dozens of phones, but they’re well organized. It’s not going to disappear. Right now on one IRC network, #cyanogenmod has 390 people chatting it up versus #android which only has forty more people. Not counting the people who didn’t opt-in to the anonymous statistic reporting, CM has 711K installations and counting, the largest cluster of which being nightly releases.

    Don’t let the CyanogenMod thing spook you if you kind of want this particular tablet.

    If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet and want to take this thing for a spin, check this place to see if your device is covered – – and enjoy.

    Thanks for the post Anthoney.

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