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Twikini – free Twitter client for Windows Mobile


I still find it hard to understand the benefit of using Twitter.
I mean, I just don’t see myself reporting my boring activities to people I barely know, it’s so strange!
Besides, if I want to share something important, I can always post about it in my blog, send my friends emails or… god forbids… call them(???)…
And whenever I read my friend’s updates I usually find some stuff I can never fins useful ("Waiting for my bags at the airport", "Hate Pizza"… like… what? how? why?)

Nevertheless, since the entire world twitters, I try to keep up with it too… and I recently came across a few twitter clients (PocketTwit, Twitterrific, and many more) and here’s the latest one I found for Windows Mobile. It’s called Twikini.

Twikini offers a powerful and efficient way to use Twitter on your phone. It conveniently updates your favorite feeds in the background, and leverages the camera, GPS, media, touch screen, keyboard, graphics and storage capabilities of your device.

Twikini is currently in public beta – (which means: free)

Main Features (taken from the developer’s site):
  • FAST! Unlike other Twitter apps for Windows® Mobile, Twikini is written entirely in native C++ code for maximum performance and the fastest load time possible.

  • Simple, uncluttered, and customizable user interface. Choose from a variety of themes for the best reading experience. (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3)

  • Post tweets using a full screen editor. Optionally, set your location (either manually or using GPS) along with your status updates. (Screenshot)

  • Twitpic integration to post photos with your status updates. Select existing photos or click new ones from your device’s camera.

  • Read status updates just like browsing a web page. Quickly reply, retweet, favorite, or email other people’s tweets. (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2)

  • Windows Media Player integration. Automatically tweet the song and artist you’re listening to.

  • Single download that is compatible with all Windows® Mobile devices – both touch and non-touch.


To download Twikini, just visit TrinketSoftware.

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