Did you know that there is product/service that has been around two years, similar to iCloud? If you didn’t, it’s time to know as Ubuntu One, your personal cloud is now accessible on your Android device using the ‘Ubuntu One Files’ app.


Along with the basic cloud storage features like download/upload your photos, files and folders securely from your phone, or PC, Ubuntu One Files app lets you backup the photos you take with your phone’s camera automatically to the cloud – giving you peace of mind knowing that your masterpiece pic is safe in your personal cloud. You can even share your files or photos on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog – just tap and hold on a file or photo, you get a option to share.


Of course, you will need at least a basic Ubuntu One account to enjoy all the features, which gives you 2 GB of free storage. For additional space, you have to spend few bucks. Head over to the Android Market to download the free app.

Via: Pocket-lint


  1. I fired up Ubuntu, like the actual OS and not some app, on my Nexus One in a crazy effort to try to host this website for an hour or so on my phone. Everything was looking good getting it LAMPed up but I just couldn’t get MySQL or any SQL server humming. But I didn’t try very hard and you just inspired me to give it another go, for better or worse.

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