Wow, Fios has an official free WM app in Marketplace. The release date is today. BUT based on the comments it only works for VZ wireless customers. I don’t have FIOS at home so I can’t test this, but I’m sure you guys will find a way to work around the proxy and enable this for other carriers:) Anyway, here’s the description from Marketplace:

Verizon FiOS DVRs have always given viewers the ability to watch what they want, when they want. Now, FiOS is making its DVRs even more accessible by giving customers the ability to program them remotely through their mobile devices. That means that Verizon FiOS customers never have to worry about missing anything they want to watch, as they’ll always be able to set their DVRs to record from virtually anywhere they happen to be. It also means that customers can set parental controls, set bookmarks, browse and search TV programming, view the DVR status and see how much space is left for recording, browse and search VOD listings, and see their lists of scheduled and recorded programs.


  • Add/Remove Shows to DVR Schedule & view the DVR status
  • Browse and search TV programming
  • View lists of scheduled and recorded programs
  • Update parental controls
  • View and bookmark video on demand content

Here are the screenshots:

image image

 image image

If you figure out a way to get this running on non-VZ phones share with the group.

UPDATE: Ed and I were talking offline and this DOES WORK for non-VZ customers. So you need to first login to the FIOS website on a PC or from your TV to register your phone number which will give you an access code to type into the FIOS WM app. When you login to the app you have to disable the proxy on your phone…and bingo!. Thanks again Ed.


  1. I would love to get this app working on my Tilt2. I tried the app directly from the verizon FIOS site and it didn’t work for me. Remote DVR access is still available through a mobile web browser, just not as slick using the app.

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  3. UPDATE!!!

    I’m in!! Thanks David for the suggestion of Disabling the Proxy. The first time I tried after your email, I was trying to do log in while working…and not really paying attention. You FIRST have to login in the FIOS Website on a PC OR through from your TV to register your phone #. That will generate an access code that you type in the FIOS app.


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