verizon-snowy-surpriseIn case you were wondering about the title of the post, it has to do with the last Verizon commercial I posted in which there was a man wrestling an alligator while trying to buy a  lunch box on eBay. The comments were flying as animal rights activists where upset and realists where simply saying it was not a real alligator so why get mad eh? Anyway, check that commercial out here:

Verizon’s 4G LTE Swamp Commercial Trendy but Dumb

So today we have some massive flashback for you as Verizon just released a 2:52 minute long video called Snowy Surprise. Here is the short of the vide. Picture the Dell Dude getting punk’d by the Verizon Network led by “Can hear me now?” Guy. I can’t help but be amused on some retro throwback level because of how good the two marketing campaigns were for Dell and Verizon. The “Can you hear me know?” guy was awesome during his time and the Dell Dude was great before getting busted for drugs. However, the video gets old about the 1 minute mark and it makes you wonder how you sat through almost 3 minutes of it.

Check it out for yourself and of course let us know what you think. The only thing anyone should get upset about in the video is how Verizon got you to sit through 3 minutes of it!


  1. after exchanging your phone 3 times, zoriven will give you a different phone if you ask. tell them you are having problems with the new one and you want to get the storm to replace it because you are tired of messing with the curve. they usually work really well with you if your phone keeps messing up. they probably wont make you pay full retail probably just the difference of the curve and the storm but maybe not even that. i did this with my pearl a while back. good luck!

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