Looks like Verizon is going to start selling the iPad sooner than it is going to be selling the iPhone which has been talked about for so long, however; there is a catch with the iPad sales. Verizon iPads are only the WiFi version but they are bundling the iPad with their MiFi mobile hotspot. Here are details from the press release:

Thursday, October 28. Verizon Wireless will offer three bundles, all featuring an iPad Wi-Fi model and a Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, for a suggested retail price of $629.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 16GB + MiFi, $729.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 32GB + MiFi and $829.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 64GB + MiFi. Verizon Wireless is offering a monthly access plan to iPad customers of up to 1GB of data for just $20 a month

Also the MiFi only has a 4 hour battery life and the iPad has a 10 hour battery life that means you do not have a data connection for 6 hours if you are not near any WiFi connections. (Thanks David K)

To be honest those prices seem a little too high at $200 more than regular retail for a WiFi iPad. For those who don’t know about the MiFi here are more details on it.  I would just use my WiFi hotsopt on my phone. I don’t see anyone really buying such a bundle for such a high price.  How many of you would buy this bundle package? Let us know in the comments.

Edit: I made a mistake it is not $200 more but about $130 but even that is high considering MiFi are actually being given away for free with a contract obviously. Thanks Joshua.


  1. What am I missing when you say these are $200 more than just the WIFI on its own. As far as I can tell they are $130 more than the the WIFI on its own, and the exact same price as the 3G versions?

    WIFI 16GB = $500
    3g 16GB = $629.99
    WIFI 16GB + MiFi = $629.99

  2. Yeah my mistake. Thanks for the correction Joshua. Added it to the post but would you rather just have a Ipad with wifi and 3g than an iPad and a mifi that you have to remember to carry around. Also the MiFi is only $99 dollars on Verizon site two year contract and right now they are actually giving it for free.

  3. Smart Idea. Considering that the MiFi can support more than one device at one time it’s a pretty smart idea. I wouldn’t buy it though. It’s still an extra device to carry and that battery life makes it pretty unattractive.

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