First I got to thank the great folks over at for hooking me up with the unit to review on the AT&T 3G Network. This version of the HTC Hd2 comes from down under, Australia where they use the 850MHz bandwidth that AT&T uses here in the Unites States for their 3G Network. (check out the pictures after the break). But first, I thought I would shoot this video unboxing for you to check out:

You can purchase one of these Telstra Version HTC HD2 from for $899.99 and that comes unlocked and HARDSPL Unlocked with a custom ROM already installed. provides a lot of support after the sale and periodically sends out emails with recommended software updates to keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest apps and ROMS. So check them out!

Couple of pictures after the break of the Telstra Version HTC HD2 gettin’ it’s groove on the AT&T 3G network!


  1. i want one!! blah, why must they cost soo much. maybe its time to try and sell my extra fuzes..

  2. wow… i just realized i have alot more connects in austrailia than i thought i did… maybe my dream will come true

  3. It is simply the best phone I have ever used. I cannot describe how much faster this device is over my TP2. HTC should have waited to release sense for the snapdragon so that all the lost TF3D users that left because of buggy performance would not have affected. As with any WinMo device, there are a bunch of things missing to make it a complete user friendly experieince, but once loaded on, this thing FLYS!!!

    The screen is amazing, seriously, using this device simply means the end of my slide out keyboard days. The huge screen is not fat finger friendly with the SIP, but it more my fault and not the screen layout. Once accustomed to it the lack of physical keyboard is not that noticible.

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