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Vodafone UK Announces HTC Touch Pro II Coming Soon

For all of us living in the United States, these are the painful days. The days where we have to follow the European launches of the latest and greatest devices long before they make their way over to this side of the pond. Today is no different my friends as we have news that Vodafone UK is getting ready to release the most anticipated device by HTC in 2009, the HTC Touch Pro II aka Rhodium. Check out the Ad by Vodafone:

While no pricing is available yet on the HTC Touch Pro II, it’s presence on the Vodafone Business Website is reason to believe that Vodafone subscribes will be feeling some TP2 love in the very near future. If you want to check in with Vodafone you can find the HTC Touch Pro II posted here:

We will keep you posted on more release information from Vodafone and other carriers as we get it so stay tuned!