Yesterday, Matt Bencke from the Windows Phone Developer Blog broke the news that there will be a “Web-based Windows Phone Marketplace with Mango.”   Today, Todd Brix went into detail about the web version of the Marketplace in his blog post.

 Key Points and Features

  • Apps will appear in Bing search results and will continued to be displayed in Bing Visual Search.
  • Users will be able to share a link to apps via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Apps can be downloaded OTA via text message or email.
  • Users can add new credit cards to their account from the site.
  • The Web Marketplace will retain the user’s download history. 
  • Parental Control settings will help parents choose which apps their children are allowed to access based on ratings and can even restrict access to paid apps. 


No word on the status of the Marketplace that users currently have access to via the Zune software after Mango, but I really don’t see a need to get rid of it.  On another note, it’s good to see Microsoft making yet another effort to increase app visibility to users via established products (read: Bing *despite whatever Simmons would tell you*).  I’m sure that developers are taking notice of this as well. 

– The Fight


  1. Apps can be downloaded OTA via text message or email.

    Finally someone steals my idea — I’ve been saying all along that TCP/IP over SMS is a cost effective and battery efficient way to reduce AT&T’s network load with over the air app downloads via text message. While they’re at it they should let you email over text message.

  2. @Doug Simmons: You’re a genius in your own right. Just learn how to apply your deductive reasoning an rational thinking skills to other areas (read: not bashing AT&T or MS), write a self-help book and you’ll be a high thousandaire (economy sucks).

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