My bet, we will see at least two if not three models. I think there will be three:

  1. Current iPhone 5c will be offered as iPhone 6x or something like that as it will be the last 32 bit phone model with more color choices and “Apple invented” plastic casing. ;-)*
  2. Current iPhone 5s will be offered as iPhone 6c with at least 6 colors to choose from instead of grey, silver white and gold with “Apple invented” plastic casing.
  3. The flagship will be iPhone 6s with a little increment with metal casing like the current iPhone 5s with an additional sensor, better graphics processor, Cue integration, or “Apple invented NFC at least”. ;-)*

    Update to bullet point 3: Fellow MD blogger Stephen Mesik said iPhone 6s may come with “AirCharge(TM) Apple-proprietary wireless charging.”

*Some of the bloggers proclaim that Apple invented the plastic casing without saying “invented” in their blog posts, and a good example is here: ZDNet

What do you think?


  1. I’ll tell you this, Apple had better never ever make a design again that includes cluster holes that flare up my trypophobia ( or I’m dumping my shares.

    Jobs would have never let that shit fly. Who does that. That’s just mean, man.

    • I agree with you totally. If he were alive, he would’ve fired the entire troop that came up with that design even before it was release.

    • I saw those and was totally “WTF?” You’re right – Jobs would NEVER have let that get out of the brainstorm session.

  2. And the iDT-900 proprietary charger will only cost $199.99, to make up for the cost of all those Thunderbolt chargers they are not going to sell.

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