I thought this was pretty hilarious, especially Steve Jobs as one of Santa’s little helpers! I was a little confused with Mark Zuckerberg getting slippers for Christmas when he could probably buy Christmas if he wanted to, but hey, he is turning Bill Gates Philanthropist and helping the kids in the Newark School System with a hefty 100 Million Dollar Donation.

Anyway, lots of iPhone Flame material here so lets have some fun with the jokes, it’s Monday before Christmas!

Thanks to Kristofer for sending this to me.


  1. Does your evil know no bounds?????? Using your Jedi mind tricks to use Christmas as a tool for the Dark Side.
    Have you no shame “Lord Doug of the Dark Smith’s”. “LALALALAALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”!!!!!!!

  2. Good clip but Santa would have probable gotten better Facebook updates with a WP7. There’s always next year. BTW, I am a product of the Newark school system and unfortunately the $100M won’t do jack (nice thought though). Will just get pissed away like all the rest of the cash infusions. Not as long as they keep building $140M palaces….I mean high schools. Parts of my grade school were built in 1898 (I attended in the 60’s) and it’s still standing. Didn’t keep me from learning a thing or two.

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