Now it is India’s turn to punish/milk Google for sharing consumers data with its “clients”,

In addition to that, it seems Motorola Mobility acquisition is not really working out for Google. On one hand Android OEMs are paying bunch of $ per device to Microsoft for its IP, which Android is trespassing, and now ITC judge said Xbox is not infringing Motorola patents This is like adding insult to the sore.


  1. That’s all you’ve got? Indian scrutiny?

    Your article says, I think (I skimmed), that Google is threatening Indian national security should be punished by the Indians, who are beyond reproach in general with all-things privacy and Internet, for its *opt in* Maps location sharing? In what way Ram is that inducing?

    What’s their position on Microsoft’s failure to patch a three year old Skype bug that lets anyone find out the last IP address used (or in use) by any Skype user, and in turn be able to track not only that user but entire organizations on large scales? They’re probably okay with that, given that Microsoft has a proclivity to present their ass to any nutty government, like how they gave the Windows source code to the Chinese and go to great lengths to help the Chinese monitor Skype for using language related to things like human rights, politics and religion.

    If India wants to advance their position in the world, perhaps they should work with Google (and Microsoft, and the likes of both of them, hell even Blackberry) rather than against. If you want links I’ve got links but I think you know that you and this government, and its streets, are full of shit, not me this time.

    • Wait… Microsoft, who bought Skype a few months ago should be blamed for, or take responsibility for a 3 year old Skype problem…??

      • While I agree with you, when you buy into something, you are taking charge. So, here Microsoft should at least address that issue by saying we know this issue and we will resolve as soon as possible or something to that effect. That would shut the pieholes of most of the media bloggers, who get paid by bashing Microsoft for no reason, SJVN of ZDNet comes to mind. :)

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