Doug Simmons


  1. 3000 mah wrapper on a 1200 mah battery? you know, htc will send you a free battery if you call and ask. :P

  2. Paralleling two batteries can yield more than twice the total capacity, I’m not sure a 30% uprating is or isn’t deserved in the pictured case, I tend think something closer to 10% is more likely if the 1200 mAh was for something close to the actual load the phone is for the battery. There is also a (big) problem charging paralleled stacks of cells as they age.
    The mAh rating of a battery depends on both the battery’s capacity and resistance AND the tested rate of discharge and cutoff voltage. For many battery types the tested cell capacity in total mAh at a 10 hour discharge rate is far greater than at a 1 hour discharge rate. There’s a lot of data publicly available from several manufacturers for 12v 7AH lead acid batteries for emergency lighting, UPS, etc. some have a nearly complete graph of total capacity vs rate of discharge curve. there aren’t as many chemistry variations available for other battery types, but you appreciate why 1200mAH + 1200mAH > 2400mAH

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