Well, it looks as if a URL that the XDA-developers community owns will be given new life shortly.  A  community site stemming from the bowels of such a venerable site as XDA based solely on the iPhone would be huge for the jailbreak and developer community and would probably help to usher in a new order of iPhone users.  A post yesterday from svetius, User Experience Admin at XDA-Developers.com stated the following:


Recently we’ve been the target (via PM and email) of a coordinated effort by some users to get XDA to add an iPhone forum. This intensified a bit recently with the "jailbreaking is legal" news that came out a few weeks ago. We also recently “lost” a behind-the-scenes guy at XDA to the iPhone (someone who had donated countless hours to helping with site development and bug fixes).
Despite his pleading, some of the mods and I decided earlier this month that xda-developers is NOT the place for detailed iPhone discussion. There’s just too much going on here. XDA is still digesting the move to add non-HTC WinMo/Android devices. And the site is just too darn big already!
With all that said: many of you know that we also own the iPhone-Developers.com domain. It was purchased years ago—mostly as a joke. Now, with the maturation of the iPhone community (in particular, the independent developer and jailbreak community) we are going to dust it off and launch an XDA sister site. The goal is to try to replicate the XDA feel while keeping XDA itself free of iPhone-related clutter. We see it as a win/win for everyone (iPhone lovers and haters alike). The aim of the site is to demystify jailbreaking and to make iPhone development more mainstream. Millions of people have benefited from the development work that has taken place at XDA over the last decade, and we want to bring these same benefits to iPhone owners.
If you are excited by this move, please keep your expectations in check: The site will be totally separate from XDA (separate mods, servers, everything) and will probably be somewhat "Wild West" to start out (like XDA in the early years). We have assigned a new admin—the former XDA tech volunteer referenced above. His user name is Arbre, and he also is doing all the tech development for the site. He hopes to have it launched (at least in beta form) in September.
We are looking for a few people to help get things started in the new forums. If you’ve got any jailbreak/development experience on the iPhone and want to help out just PM Arbre and he’ll get in touch with you when we’re closer to a beta launch.

So there you have it.  Click over to www.iphone-developers.com and sign up to be notified when they go live.  A further post from svetius stated that they are currently working on a way to transfer your existing XDA account so that you don’t even have to sign up again!


Click to read the original post on XDA

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  1. Sweet, big time fan of xda-developers from my fuze years. I hope it gets the support it needs to help make cheaper jailbreak apps.

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