It’s about time we get one of these for Android! I want one to use with my Android tablet. Actually the Zaggkeys Flex is universal so you can use it with Apple or Android tablets. It comes with a stand that doubles as a keyboard cover. Price is $79.99, and it’s available now on the Zagg website and other places.


-ZAGG Inc. has unveiled a new universal Bluetooth keyboard and stand designed for smartphones and tablet computers, the ZAGGkeys FLEX. Compatible with both Apple® and Android® devices, the ZAGGkeys FLEX allows consumers to add a keyboard to any smartphone or tablet through the use of Bluetooth technology. ZAGGkeys FLEX has also been named an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

The ZAGGkeys FLEX delivers the following advantages to consumers:

  • Both the keyboard and the stand function with smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes
  • Its island-style keys are designed for fast and accurate typing
  • The stand also doubles as a keyboard cover
  • The rechargeable built-in battery provides months of use between charges

The ZAGGkeys FLEX is available at and select retailers for $79.99.

For more information about ZAGG and its other product offerings, please visit


  1. IMHO the Apple Wireless Keyboard is still the best Bluetooth keyboard I’ve ever tested. It’s ‘universal’ – I use it with my Windows and Mac laptops, iPad, and even used it with my iPhone – and will last a long damn time on one battery. It’s the BT Keyboard I would recommend every time. This is about the same price with an added ‘case’ but is it a full size keyboard like the Apple wireless one? It’s EXACTLY the same dimensions as all the keyboards apple includes across their product range.

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