zlaunchy I am not real sure this would be something that I could get into, but none the less, this is a very cool looking application that I wanted to give you guys a heads up about. It’s called ZLaunchy and the first Version .01 was just released and what it does is allows you to find applications through a Dialpad Interface. So if you like using your Dialpad to find contacts and have some proficiency with that method, ZLaunchy just might be the ticket for you. From the author:


ZLaunchy was written mainly for those who like the way Windows Mobile dialer allows searching for contacts in a T9-like way – so that finding Adam means choosing 2326 in the phone application. ZLaunchy uses the same idea to run programs on your device. What it does is gives you a dialer keypad and when you type in a series of digits, it searches for all programs that match – for example to start Internet Explorer, start typing 4683 – Internet Explorer and Internet Sharing should show up in the result list.

Application performs a search using all items in the Start Menu. It also skips showing application icons, which causes it to work faster than usual application launchers. This makes ZLaunchy a perfect candidate for an application that’s bound to a hardware key (using system settings) and have it always handy when you want to find an application quickly.

ZLaunchy Version .01 is currently for VGA only, so all you Tilt/TyTN II diehards don’t be hatin’!

So head on over to XDA here:


and thank wojciechka for hookin’ us up with ZLaunchy Version .01

Thanks to Chris for sending us the tip!

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