10billionappsApple has hit an amazing milestone today. Their App Store has has reached 10 billion downloads as of tonight. Apple started a contest earlier this week for the person who actually downloaded the 10 billionth App. What does the winner get? Only a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card! Not too shabby for the lucky winner. Congrats to whoever won it and we will see you back here for the 20,000,000,000 billion mark to be reached.



  1. Imagine trying to find one App out of 10 grand worth of Apps on your device. Especially on an Iphone, wow that’s alot of CrApp!

  2. Hilarious:
    “Gail Davis of Orpington Kent hung up the phone when Apple called to say she’d won a $10,000 iTunes gift card. She thought it was a prank call.”
    What an absolute dumbass!!!!

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