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The Apple Slide to Unlock Patent Affects Us All

As I’m sure all of you noticed and some of you are still noticing, we had a rather rough weekend. Some nefarious individual or individuals hacked the site. We are clean now, even though you still might see the malware message. There’s just a reviewing process that we have to go through, and we have to wait for that review to actually happen before the notice is taken down. We were all bummed and some of us still are that this happened, so I figured I’d post a bit of something funny to bring a bit of levity to the situation. At least I thought it was funny, but then I’m not an Apple user either….


You have to admit, it’s funny if you think about it….




( I also think it’s rather funny we have an actual category labeled ‘humor’. We actually have to label things as humor to make sure it’s not taken wrong….)