Pretty neat deal MS is setting up. If you ‘sign up’ (which is just submitting your email address) then when you buy a WP7 phone you get 3 months of Zune Pass for free. You’re not preordering or committing to buy now so this is pretty risk free so if WP7 is a possibility for you, may as well give it a go. The fine print reads:

3-month Zune Pass retail value $44.97. Limited time offer available with actual purchase of a Windows Phone. Taxes and shipping charges may apply. Offer valid in the 50 United States and DC. Not available to PO, APO/FPO addresses. Phone will be shipped by your cellular phone carrier and may be subject to additional terms and conditions at the time of sale. Zune Pass will be shipped by Microsoft Store at the time your phone is shipped.

It does sound like this requires you to have a phone mailed to you (“when you Windows Phone ships”) so we’ll see how it plays out, but I’m submitting…seems like nothing to lose and something to possibly gain.

All you need to do is Sign up now. You can get more info at their site


  1. is it just me or is the “sign up now” link just a “no reply” email address… and thats both the link on your post and on there site

  2. That’s what it is. I’m assuming that you’ll use that address when you order your phone, and MS will … somehow … have those lists to the carriers … magically?
    Doesn’t sound like the greatest system, does it?

  3. #1: For performance raeosn, the synchronization software (Zune in this case) may depend on the fact that files are not moved around by the user. If the assumption is broken, the sync may not be performed correctly. For example, I use Microsoft’s SyncToy tool to echo file changes from internal HD to external HD (as a regular backup) and if I delete some files from the back-up media manually, it seems to confuse SyncToy’s incremental backup state and the future backups are not reliable.#2: WP7 s software keeping track of media files may get confused?

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