Engagement. It’s something we talk about constantly here at Mobility Digest. We try to get y’all to comment and get involved. Same goes for Slacker, and I think they do a pretty good job of getting people to engage their music and more specifically their custom channels. I think they do a good job with live DJ’s grabbing people’s interest and then getting them to engage in their music selections. Today for instance, Slacker announced a new channel called 55 Songs You Think Suck But Don’t. There are two DJ’s, Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks that deliver an official countdown of the 55 Songs. The give some background into each song, commentary,  etc.

Even though I still think most of the 55 songs still suck, I found that I was still listening to the channel. There was a few I did like. For instance I can’t skip Eddie Money. Two tickets to paradise which made a strange sort of comeback because of the GEICO Commercial  “Happier Than Eddie Money Running a Travel Agency”.

The DJ’s do a pretty good job. They are edgy, some NSFW Language, and honest personal opinions. Some humor thrown in for good measure. Head over to Slacker and Check it out.

55 Songs You Think Suck But Don’t by Slacker