iphone-app-updatesI love getting App updates. It’s like Christmas and my Birthday every time I go to the App Store and look for updates. Yeah, mostly it is updates that tweak the app a little of addresses bugs that most of the time I never experience, but I can’t help it, I still like to get them! So last night after traveling all afternoon, I opened my iPhone and got 5 updates for some of my favorite apps!

The first and the biggest update is from my favorite Twitter App called TweetCaster Pro. In the new Version 2.3, TweetCaster , we got some Photo Effect and Enhancement support that really makes Tweeting media a lot more manageable and some added benefits:

*Photo Effects – Add filters, effects and captions to photo attachments
* Photo enhancements, including via.me support, pinch zoom, save pictures to device
* TweetMarker service keeps your place on multiple devices
* Improved hashtag and mentions support when composing new tweets
* SSL support added to protect your data

Netflix and WordPress are apps I use fairly often but nowhere near the multiple times a day I use TweetCaster Pro. Crackle, a free collection of movies and TV Series supported by ads is also working out some bugs and added a few more episodes of Seinfeld, which has to be Crackles biggest draw for customers. Instagram is also working out some kinks. So how  often do you check for updates? If you are like my wife, you have 30 of them stacked up! This is disturbing to me but I tend to avoid discussions about mobility with her because it usually ends up with me getting something thrown at me. [sigh]

Enjoy you some updates people and get ready for another great weekend as Friday is almost upon us!


  1. I think I’ve had north of 30 App updates this weekend on both my iPad and iPhone. Most of them are new iPad compatibility stuffs, but a lot have been feature-adding. Very nice to see that!

  2. I could really have used this back in January! I’ add one thing: don’t feel the need to read every slnige post all the tiome, especially on #measure. Catch what you can and contribute what you can, it shouldn’t be a chore. Usually great articles get retweeted enough that they’re harder to miss (like this one)

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