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OtterBox’s New Defender Case for the New iPad

otterbox-iprotection-defender-ipadOtterBox has built their legacy off of Apple Post PC Devices and they are not slacking for even a second because as soon as Tim Cook walked off stage from the Apple Media Event for the “New” iPad, then OtterBox introduced us to their newest case.

OtterBox wasn’t quiet about their new Case or the iPad and even came out and said that they would have the best case yet over a month ago. It seems they have a good friend and tight lips because mum was the word from OtterBox and they had already guess the name of the new iPad.

Going back to a more traditional Defender Series Case, the New Defender for the New iPad, which also fits the iPad 2 by the way, comes with an easier to install two part polycarbonate inner shell and a new Robust Silicone that is a much better formula of rubber over their previous recipe.

It will also have a built in screen protector, precision engineered which basically means this sucker will fit like a glove, and form fitting Aesthetics that will compliment the case to the device.


The new OtterBox Defender Series Case for the iPad 2 and New iPad stays the same as it’s predecessors with a  price tag of $89.95 and is available now even though the iPad is not released for another 9 days. You may want to get one for the iPad 2 that you already have if you are choosing to pass on the Hot Rod Retina Screened “New” iPad.

Head over to OtterBox for more information.

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The Defender Series for the new iPad case is the latest evolution of our rugged Defender Series. Developed with your active lifestyle in mind, the new iPad Defender Series case employs multi-layer technology combined with high-quality materials to create the most solid protective solution. The Defender Series for the new iPad is also compatible with the iPad 2.
The Defender Series new iPad case is built with a high-impact inner polycarbonate shell that includes a built-in foam interior that provides additional shock absorption and protects the back of your new iPad from scratches. The rugged silicone skin absorbs the impact from bumps and shocks while the textured exterior provides for added grip. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches, smudges and fingerprints from getting on your high-resolution screen. The precision design of our new iPad case ensures all features and functions are accessible with the case on, so you can stay protected while connected. The integrated shield stand acts as a protective cover on the front or the back and doubles as a stand for typing or viewing. Magnets on the shield stand activate the device’s sleep mode when the cover is snapped on the front of the screen. The shield stand also allows for viewing in landscape and portrait mode.
From original concept to final design, the Defender Series new iPad case was developed to create the most usable and protective solution possible. The Defender Series new iPad case is perfect for those of us who are constantly on-the-go, have small children or are generally graceless with our personal electronics.