Yes, almost all:

**Except Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7S.
***Delivery has begun for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus v. 1.3. The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning.

Still this is sweet. Tell us when you get yours. Mine isn’t active yet…resync, check…nope…and repeated three times already. Where’s Rafael Rivera to push out the update for me?

Thanks for the tip Eddie!

Update: Scratch that. Looks like I’m headed in the right direction…


  1. Yep.. I was just about to post my screenshot as well.. it’s live for the HTC Surround as well

  2. Hi y’all, statman reporting! Ran some numbers for you.

    Looking at mobile theme pageviews, counting each pageview without slicing out non-uniques but while excluding Weave, Google Reader client and other RSS-like hits (though those stats which I also ran are similar), the Mango concentration of all Windows Phone hits to this site, not of all traffic but of just WP 7.* hits, here you go:

    Last Sunday the 25th, 16%
    Monday, 14%
    Tuesday, midnight through now 2:30p EST, 9%

    Jumping back a bit in time…

    Sunday Aug 14th, 18%
    Monday Aug 15th, 18%
    Tuesday Aug 16th, 16%

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