I usually save any off-topic stuff for the weekends but this video is so amazing that I had to share it with you! I have shared a few RC Heli articles with you in the past that related to a good deal on purchasing a RC Heli but this is just the most awesome display of RC Heli 3D maneuvers I have ever seen. I basically want to go home and smash mine after watching this!



  1. Oh damn I just wrote this really long thing about how this is completely and totally off topic but then I just noticed you thought it was necessary to put [OFF TOPIC] right in the title so nevermind, all good.

    But you know, it’s just that when I read flying helicopters in 3D on a telephone website I assume it’s a flying telephone and by 3D you meant 3G so I got all tripped up but thank you for clearing it up for me, right in the title, because I not only like to be aware of whether or not helicopters doing loop-dee-loops is on topic, I like to feel so stupid to be thought of as someone who needs that pointed out for him so blatantly.

    Maybe next time you can lead the title with [OFF TOPIC] rather than tail it, maybe put some asterisks around it too? Maybe NOT ON TOPIC on the other end for those who don’t know what off means?

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