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Hammacher Schlemmer is Proud to Announce The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer

Yes it’s actually called “The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer”! Not what I would call and original or interesting name but at least it’s honest. Jim was talking yesterday about printing from your WP phone and sadly this one can’t do that, but you can print from your iPhone, iPad or even iPod running iOS 3 and it can print from any Android device running 2 and up. Price is a bit ridiculous I think, according to the PR you get one print cartridge for only 10 prints and it will run you $220 for the printer. For that much money I’d expect to be able to print a bit more. Replacement cartridges will run you $25 each and you’ll get 36 prints from it. The cost would be about 69 cents per print, that is of course not including that shipping cost either so it will even be more expensive overall. Anway, read the PR if you’re interested..


Continuing its 164-year history of offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer, a device that connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone and prints vibrant color photographs.

An iPhone running a free app transmits pictures over a home Wi-Fi network to the printer; in less than a minute and without ink cartridges, it prints 4″ x 6″ borderless photographs at 300 dpi resolution in up to 256 gradations and 16.7 million colors.

“The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer allows users to print photos taken with a smartphone from anywhere in their home, eliminating the hassle of connecting the phone to a printer,” explained Hammacher Schlemmer’s General Manager Fred Berns.

The pictures are printed on patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals, producing rich, vibrant photographs that are waterproof and resist fingerprints, dust, and scratches.

The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer includes paper cartridge for 10 prints and is compatible with all iPhone (including iPhone 5), iPad, and iPod Touch models running iOS 3 and up and Android-powered devices running OS 2 and up.

The Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $219.95. For more information about this product, please visit