Well after a long awaited wait, Android 1.5 Cupcake is finally here and has started to roll out on Tmobile network. However, it is only available for some users right now and if you dont want to wait till it is available for you phone then Android Guys has intructions on where to download it and how to install it here. Also make sure you go ahead and check out the discussion over at Tmobile forums. I dont have a G1 so I can not test this. Here is a part from the post from Android Guys.

You can get the update.zip file from one of the two places listed below.

Links available at Android Guys


If you just downloaded the UK edition, you can put the US one right over top without downgrading or rooting.

Once you have the file, follow these few steps!

  • Rename zip file to update.zip
  • Load the file on your SD card’s main directory
  • Turn off the phone, reboot it holding the HOME button
  • When you see the triangle, hit ALT+L, then ALT+S
  • Press HOME and BACK when it prompts you
  • After it installs the radio, it might reboot a time or two
  • ENJOY!
  • BONUS: Download the AndroidGuys widget and stay up to date with all the latest Android news and rumors.

[Via android guys]


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