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Chomp on Verizon

That was an easy headline to come up with… Verizon and Chomp Team Up to Deliver App Search on Android Smartphones via Verizon Apps Store. Chomp’s app search engine will power all Verizon Android app searches within Verizon Apps. I’ve never heard of Chomp myself, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good right?!


Verizon Wireless and Chomp today announced that Chomp’s search technology will provide an integrated search function for apps in the newly redesigned Verizon Apps, enabling customers to discover and purchase the apps they want on Verizon Wireless Android™ smartphones. 

Verizon Apps customers will be able to search for apps not just by the name of the app, but based on what the app does.  Chomp’s search technology makes it possible to search for "kid’s games," "expense trackers" or any description and instantly see the best apps for that search term.  Verizon Wireless is previewing its redesigned mobile app storefront, Verizon Apps, at the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference taking place Sept. 13 – 14 in Las Vegas. 

"As the number of apps has exploded, app discovery can be a challenge for mobile users.    Customers who use Verizon Apps store want to find the apps they want easily and quickly, and by integrating Chomp’s search engine, we’re enhancing that experience," said Todd Murphy, director, Consumer Solutions Group at Verizon Wireless.

Chomp’s leading app search engine is based on a proprietary algorithm which learns the function of each app, allowing users to search for apps based on what they want to do, rather than what an app is called.  Unlike other app or Web search engines, the Chomp algorithm learns things associated with that app from the information available on various app marketplaces, as well as data from Twitter™, Facebook®, various blogs and websites.  The company has filed for 11 patents based on its app search technologies and user experience.

Chomp’s app search engine will power all searches in Verizon Apps beginning on Android smartphones being released later this fall.  The team at Verizon’s Application Innovation Center researched app search provider alternatives and found that Chomp app search delivered the results that were right for Verizon Apps.

"Verizon undertook a rigorous app search evaluation process," said Ben Keighran, co-founder and chief executive officer of Chomp.  "Like us, they realize that app search is completely different from Web search.  It’s an incredibly difficult problem to solve, but Chomp has addressed it through years of development and millions of downloads.  Our approach to app search perfectly matches Verizon’s demands for an industry-best app store experience."

In May 2011, the two companies announced the first step in helping app discovery for Verizon Wireless customers when the Chomp app was made available in V CAST Apps, allowing Verizon Wireless customers to search for apps across V CAST Apps and Android Market™ at the same time.

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