Hey, you in the mood for a mobile OS web consumption market share stat shot? Yeah me neither but I’m low on writing ideas. Anyway since September, according to Quantcast, Anrdoid’s has been occupying more and more consumer hands, if you’d agree that sales is a function of web data consumption, every single month whereas RIM OS, iPhone OS and Other (WinMo’s alias) have either stayed flat or headed south.

No sign of an Android plateau yet; its growth rate appears to be maintaining its momentum. And it had better because in February I bet fellow writer slash arch nemesis David K fifty bucks that Android’s market share would be closer to iPhone OS than it would be to Windows Whatever by next February.

Feeling pretty good about that wager.

Doug Simmons

mobile os market share chart


  1. there’s nothing else on the market…it’s a short term gain. Ignore iPhone…you’re only left with Android. People don’t want it – they’re hostage to it.

  2. Managed to dig up the wager:

    “So fifty bucks says more phones with Android on them will be sold in the US (or world if you’d prefer) than phones with Windows Phone on them during the first quarter of 2011.”

  3. You should not be a betting man DavidK. I agree with your assessment that Android gains market share by default but that still means you’re losing. Especially if Windows Phone 7 comes out which will take even more market share from WinMo. You should have worded this bet a little more carefully. Any more predictions DavidK? I want some of your money too.

  4. @ Matt Anderson,

    I don’t know, Doug said “Windows Whatever,” which suggests WinMo and Win Phone combined, or at the very least whichever one is higher.

    And by the way, does that bet include the iPad in iPhone OS? As ridiculous as I think the thing is, it does add a hefty chunk to the iPhone’s numbers.

  5. Oh, well that’s completely different. :)

    I’d say it’s maybe a 50/50 chance. Well, ok, maybe 60/40 or even 70/30 in favor of Android because they obviously have a head start being, you know, actually in existence in the market already.

    I’d say it will depend largely on what spiffy new devices they each release in Q1 2011, or right at the end of 2010. If Windows Phone blows its load this year but doesn’t follow up in Q1 2011 with some even better new devices (or if Windows Phone simply doesn’t find any traction at all), DavidK is in trouble. On the other hand, if Windows Phone launches well, and if there aren’t any significant new Android devices at the beginning of 2011, I could see it going the other way.

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