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Google Nexus Tablet Images Potentially Leaked, Could Be Fake

A Google Nexus Tablet is rumored  to release at some point later this year, and PocketNow  has gotten their hands on a purported rendering of Google’s first foray into the tablet world.

ASUS is reportedly the manufacturer behind the tablet, but Cory Gunther over at Android Community has pointed out that the tablet rendering shares many similarities with the Toshiba Tegra 3 tablet previewed at CES.

A few signs point to these renderings being fake—similarities to the aforementioned Toshiba tablet, lack of Google Play (although these could have easily been rendered before the rebranding), addition of expandable storage not previously offered in Nexus products, and design differences between this and ASUS’s MeMO tablet.

Regardless, whether or not this is real or fake, production is expected to begin this month, and Google’s I/O conference on June 27th should unveil a lot more about their highly anticipated tablet.

[via PocketNow]