I’m sure by now all of you have noticed how ridiculously angry the Android guys on our site are. I was never able to figure out the root cause of their troubles…was the phone the problem or are they the problem and they found the phone. Oh no, it’s cause they’re not getting any and they’re taking it out on others in a fit of jealousy.

The dating site OKCupid compiled a lot of data from their 11m+ users and they took the data from 30somethings and dropped them into Excel. Across all ages, Android users get less sex and have less partners than iPhone users and even Blackberry users! OMG Blackberry users! That’s just embarrassing.

See it’s all starting to make sense now.

Maybe they need Viagra to get an upgrade. Think this is a problem with hardware failures or their inept software? 

Oh and as for where things stand with Windows Mobile, the article states that WM users were too busy having sex to participate in any sort of poll j/k

Enough of this – sound off in the comments with your best “Android users get no sex” joke.

via Android Central


  1. You need to clarify those specs a little. Are we talking sex with the opposite sex, same sex, self sex or sex with our devices because Apple has an app for that, or so they say.
    I truly hope the graph is wrong regardless because I use all of the operating systems equally(except Apple) and even some which aren’t listed.
    I wonder if that makes me sexually ambiguous or a raging sex monster, I only have two brain cells left and if they are in my pants I’m going to be bumping into a lot of walls and not i a good way.

  2. With all the tweaking and flashing going on, my guess is WM is barely a blip on the chart. So Mr. Jobs was right the whole time. Finally a good reason to get an iPhone.

    And on another front, with the sort of locked down, somewhat restrictive WP7 coming to market shortly (no fiddling required or permitted), we can now assume that Microsoft is just looking out for our well being.

  3. You have lies, big lies and statistics :P

    Basically if they asked their users it could also have something to do with the personality of the users. Apple products are often bought because they are cool, hip, etc and the users really want to make a statement “look at me! I have a iphone!” (just note I am just making a huge generalization here I am not putting all iphone users in that corner :P)

    So could it be that the same behavior causes them to be less honest about sex since they don’t want belong to the group not getting any? :P

  4. i agree that its the class of character the iphone attracts thats getting these results, think about it, this poll was taken about people over the age of 30, who over the age of 30 has an iphone? probably the cheating spouses because theres an app for that :), and what do cheating spouses do? have more sex of course. i guess in the end what the chart is really showing us is that iphone users are cheaters, never trust a lady with an iphone!
    ps. anyone notice the ladies are getting more than the guys? and they say men are the pigs…

  5. If anything it is just showing android users are more faithful. And wasn’t there an article awhile back about females having sex with men just because they had an iPhone? (or were more likely to) Something about in their mind it made it seem like they were more successful or some garbage.

  6. I’d chime in here with a strong dose of anecdotal evidence but I’m bound to a negotiated agreement for my own safety primarily to keep her away from this world.

    That said, a theory I can offer, maybe Android users are getting laid less because the platform is so ridiculously awesome to the degree that it is better than sex for some whereas the others leave something .. carnal to be desired.

    Just throwing that out there.

  7. I don’t think your helping the Android cause Doug. Essential your theory states you would rather play with yourself then play with others????

  8. Yeah Doug…if playing with your phone is better than sex then you’re doing it wrong. The internet is filled with videos…maybe you can learn from them?

  9. It’s just referring to sexual partners, if anything android users can weed out the trash and find someone freaky enough early on and stick with it. Also probably more imaginative in bed to keep the excitement in the bedroom last with one person.

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