Apple released iOS 4.3 for consumption on the various iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad). Fire up iTunes to download and upgrade your various devices.

So what do you get in 4.3? First off Personal Hotspots just like the Android boys and girls have. There seems to be some questions regarding Personal Hotspot and one is how many connections can you share? Apple says that it can handle 5 connections but it is up to the Carriers, Big Red and the Death Star to decide. Rumor has it that they will throttle that down to 3. Also hearing that it is not the easiest app to make work, so we will have to wait and get some feedback. Everyone around these parts have a jail broken iPhone 4 and will not be flashing this update until an untethered jail break comes along.

Next up there is some Airplay updates that will allow you to play video from your device to an Apple TV. Safari is also getting a tune up witch Apple says will make it run 2x faster. Apple is using the desktop version “Nitro” to power the pocket version now as well. Lastly iTunes Home Sharing and iPad Switch Choice finish the update in grand fashion.


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  2. OMG how can Apple and Google refresh their mobile platform so fast. I think it’s all a hoax. No way it’s real cause my shiny new Microsoft Phone still doesn’t have a single f’ing update.

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