You can go to a Best Buy, Staples or Microsoft Store (seriously, do those exist?) and get a Surface Pro as of tomorrow morning. Raise your hand if you’re in and what size drive you’re getting.


  1. There is actually way more demand that I anticipated. I tried to claim a reserve ticket on monday at the store, but they were out. They said they handed out 50 reserve tickets, and they will have about 100 in stock. So I’m going at 9am just to make sure.

  2. I’m going to take some time to figure out what is best for me. I need to replace my desktop and get a machine that can do some heavy duty audio and video editing. That means i’m really in the market for two devices. The lack of RAM is what is stopping me from getting the Surface PRO but i’m a special case so most should find the Surface Pro more than adequate.

      • I know the option is available in Windows 7 but haven’t seen that it is supported in Windows 8. Plus that type of RAM allocation isn’t as fast as internal RAM.

        I’ll begin shooting entire films and videos starting next month so have to make sure everything is in place to take advantage of the advances Adobe has made with their Creative Suite.

    • Get the Surface Pro if you need a fun machine. But for the serious video rendering get an Asus i7 desktop with 16GB RAM. About the same price as the Surface Pro but it will scream. I only have 8GB in mine, but short videos render in seconds instead of minutes. And I can run 10 app updates in 5-8 seconds. Can take minutes on my other machines.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! If I can find one. I contacted my local MS Store which is an hour away (reserved tickets already given out and the line on Saturday will be around the block), local Best Buy (we are getting one 128GB model, but don’t know when it will arrive and we will sell it to whomever is here when we get it, no reservations) and my local Staples (we are getting one but it’s a 64GB model, but manager – in a display of great customer service – called the state/area general manager and upped her order to a 128GB as well, but state manager said he did not know if they had any). Sigh, this may be a bigger nightmare than just designing and manufacturing it. Don’t these big boys have any logisticians around to plan out an initial distribution? Or are the logisticians trumped by squeamish bean counters and marketers who are not sure what the market will bear. Take a gander at Apple and the problems they had with initial iPhone distribution. When they subsequently fail to produce good phones it will triple the downside impact on profit. The frustration has not subsided, but I will get off the soap box.

  4. Can’t afford, and I just got a desktop 2 months ago. I will wait and see how it shakes out at this point.

  5. Our CEO told me to get one for myself. He has the RT version and has felt limited with it and wants me to see how this one works. I had the RT myself and recently sold it for an ASUS 11.6 touchscreen laptop and while I like it much better, I do miss the clarity of the Surface screen and sometime the need to use it like, well, a tablet.

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