So J.D. Power and Associates released the findings on wireless use and customer satisfaction. Here’s the interesting part:

For a fourth consecutive time, Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction among manufacturers of smartphones with a score of 800 on a 1,000-point scale, and performs particularly well in ease of operation, operating system, features and physical design. Motorola (791) and HTC (781) follow Apple in the rankings.
LG ranks highest in overall wireless customer satisfaction with traditional handsets for a fourth consecutive time with a score of 731. LG performs well in all four factors, particularly physical design, features and operation. Sanyo (712) and Samsung (709) follow LG in the rankings.

So smartphones put Apple at top with HTC in third. In non-smartphones LG wins. That one shocks me a little because I didn’t normally hear praise for LG, but then again in the non-smartphone world they may just kick ass. Anyone out there with an LG phone (a fridge doesn’t count) who can confirm that they make good phones? I presume if they can make a good feature phone then that says something about the quality of them as a manufacturer so maybe they can make smartphones…you know, ones with the words “Windows phone 7” on them and apparently I don’t want that Samsung any longer…


  1. lg makes a decent phone, there unlocked, non carrier phones are of very decent quality, its the carriers that screw it up for LG, case and point, the lg gt950 for AT&T, complete garbage, made from cheap ass plastic, and they castrated the div-x player, the carl zeiss camera lense (still 5mp, but no signature lense), wifi, and the dolby mobile speakers… i think they even stripped the face detection feature out of the camera (not 100% on that one.) point is, LG makes very nice stuff, but they also make crappier phones at the carriers requests, its kinda sad.

  2. km900 arena is the unlocked unbranded model of the gt950 arena in case anyone wants to check out the difference.

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