If you take a look at http://apple.com right now (before 1000 ET, Tuesday, November 16, 2010) you’ll see this:

If the Wall Street Journal is your cup of tea, then it’s safe to say that this is the long awaited (and much debated as to the importance) arrival of the Beatles to the iTunes store.  If you’re like me, then the WSJ article kills your hopes of a iTunes subscription services like the one you can get with Microsoft’s ZunePass service.  Apple is opening a MASSIVE new data center which has long been rumored to be the key to getting a subscription service off the ground.  We’ll see exactly what is what at 1000ET, but until then, I’m going pretend that WSJ is wrong and hope it’s an iTunes “Pass”.


  1. Well, that would be even better. I’d like to get a few Beatles songs in a mix.. I’m not a huge fan, but I do like a few of their songs.

    But I REALLY want a ZunePass-like solution for iTunes. I have Naptster on iPhone which is pretty awesome in most areas, but the sound quality sucks, which makes the application… suck.. If Napster had Slacker radio sound quality, I would stick with it, but my 3 month trial is all I’ll be doing if iTunes brings a pass solution.. otherwise, it’s back to sub-par audio quality for mass music consumption.

    C’mon steve-o.. lets get a subscription going!!

  2. Already have the boxed set. Haven’t ripped it yet, but may just do that this weekend. Thanks for reminding me of the treasures I have loaded on my shelf.

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