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Ready Your Sword and Appetite! Ninja Fishing Has Struck the App Store

Here’s a cool looking game that offers a unique twist on the Fruit Slice style of games. Ninja Fishing let’s you go fishing and then slice and dice to create your own sushi on the spot! You uses your iOS device to catch fish, reel them in and then slice them up. It certainly adds a bit to the ‘slice’ style game. Check out the screen shots and there’s a link to the video as well in the PR.


Gamenauts and Menara Games today announced the launch of their colorful fish-and-slash mobile game, Ninja Fishing. The game combines the tilt and touch mechanics of iOS devices and welcomes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch ninjas to the iTunes App Store dojo starting today.

Otoro’s ever-growing ninja tummy is growling and it’s up to players to get him the sushi he so craves. Players tilt the iOS device to help Otoro hook and reel in fish, and after the stout swordsman flings his haul into the air, players must use katana-powered touch technology to slice their scaly victims right out of the sky while avoiding hazardous dynamites! The more gold earned from reeling and slashing, the more players can spend on upgrading arsenal to find more rare fish and treasure chests.

The most skilled of the fisherman ninja clan shall proclaim their fishing Ninjutsu prowess on GameCenter and OpenFeint leaderboards.

The team is already hard at work on the next updates of the game, which include a Sushi Mode in which players need to prove their katana skills by slicing fish according to different sushi recipes.

Visit the App Store today to join Otoro on his delicious quest for just $0.99. Click here to download Ninja Fishing today:

View the colorful trailer here:

For more information on Ninja Fishing and Gamenauts, please visit