I can’t seem to get away from the trending tragedy of Apple’s falling stock. The story is everywhere, MSNBC, water cooler talk around the office, even the seemingly technology deficient gentleman on the train reading reading through his RSS reader.
What is the big deal? Well, its fairly simple when you accept how fall street works, doesn’t matter how spectacular your prior achievements were, should you fail to best them, you fail. In layman terms, despite the amazing climb to the top as the worlds most valuable brand, a bump in the road now means you’re not producing, thus, under fire.
Sure, a sub 500 point performance is worthy of some pitchfork behavior for those riding the Apple brand for that purpose alone, but come one, its a few clicks away from 500! That in itself is amazing! In this wall street life, it is almost unfair to see how much they love you when you’re in the green, but hate you when you’re not climbing. All the while, Apple continues to break records and sell iDevices by the millions, go figure! I know in haven’t been the Apple advocate like most, but come on!


  1. Its all because the brokers can’t make as much money off an idle stock!!! Although apple itself is making Billions brokers can only make slight gains. Sucks when you make a living off of other peoples money lol..How high is high enough..???

  2. The worst Fail Street part about this is that they actually posted record earnings, sales, etc. This is all because of internal Wall Street speculation. It’s ridiculous. This is most obvious with Apple because they’re so huge, but imagine what happens with smaller publicly traded companies. Needs to change.

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