Wall Street Journal reported that the Mega-crazy-valuable Apple ($305 billion or #2 in the world) is suing the not as mega-crazy-valuable Samsung ($120 Billion or #37 in the world) for what they feel is the unabashed copying of their designs and interfaces from the iPhone and the iPad for Samsung’s own phone and tablet lineup.  Crazy?  I don’t think so.  What IS crazy however, is that Samsung supplies Apple with many parts, and Apple is probably going to continue purchasing from the company far into the future. Business is business though.  The world’s most valuable tech company has to keep these things in check.




Look at this comparison of the Galaxy S 4G and the iPhone  and tell me they don’t look similar.

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  1. That’s stupid. You don’t see GM suing Toyota because their cars look similar. A car has to have wheels and doors. A smartphone has to have a screen and a speaker.

  2. Reminds me of Pirates of Silicon Valley when Steve accused BillG of stealing from them. Of course, we all know what happened since then. You’d think 25 years later Steve would have learned by now.

  3. It isn’t that surprising. Android is a cheap imitation iOS, but with widgets.

    After iOS came out, Google came out and mimic the design for Android.

    Since Google doesn’t provide patent protection to manufacturers, Apple is going after the manufacturers.

    Now, before everybody come out and say that there’re only a few ways to make a smartphone OS, look at Windows Phone 7 which looks NOTHING like iOS.

  4. hmm, look at an old symbian nokia and the iphone looks similar in terms of square icons on the display, each representing an app behind it to start …. go Nokia, go, sue them

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