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Social Media Just Got Smellier

I’ve never understood the fascination or humor in farts. I think even when I was a child I didn’t find them humorous, I just don’t see what’s so funny about them?! Anyway the very popular iPhone app called iFart has gone social so you can share your nasty fascination right on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can now post your farts to share with everyone.. yeah how can that go wrong?

Is the social media space cluttered with noise? It just got noisier!

The makers of the world-famous iFart Mobile app for iPhone have just released the iFart Socially Acceptable edition of iFart, featuring the ability to post farts to leading social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Delicious.


"You can now tap the Social Fart Icon to share the wonders of the World Famous iFart app with friends, family and important business contacts," said Joel Comm, president of InfoMedia, Inc., developers of iFart.


"If you’re going to post on Facebook that you just had a burrito for lunch, why not create a more realistic update by sharing ‘Burrito Maximo’ from our fart wheel? Followers will be able to click a link in your update that opens their audio player on their computer or plays directly on their smartphone," he said. iFart Social is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Delicious, Evernote, Google Reader, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later, Tumbler and more.


iFart Mobile by InfoMedia is one of the world’s best known apps for the iPhone. Reaching #1 in the world for twenty-three days in 2008, iFart continues to rank in the Top 200 in all entertainment apps almost three years after its release.


iFart Mobile v3.1, the Socially Acceptable edition, is available for $.99 in the Apple iTunes App Store. For additional information, please go to .