The title says it all. With Apple officially sending out invites to their iPad event we now know the date for the full unveiling. Apple has shown us iOS7 and we know how Apple implements the finger print scanner. Will the iPad event showcase something we aren’t expecting?

If anything my money is on them showing off a keyboard cover. Much in the same vein that others pioneer a feature or product Apple comes along with its massive market share and mind share and introduces something very similar this would be the most obvious. It would be Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s touch and type covers. In an era where functionality and productivity is a major battleground this would be significant for Apple because it would be a first-party solution and help to deliver a sizable profit margin for the Cupertino tech giant.

Besides the potential for a keyboard cover is there actually anything new and exciting that Apple is bringing to the table from what we think we know about the iPad 5 & iPad Mini that excites you? For me I think the hype is simple. Millions of people are excited for the next iPad because it is in fact an iPad. In that respect Apple shows the muscle behind the brand. It doesn’t have to wow with specs and features it simply needs to show up and continue to be what it already is. A highly desirable tablet in a market that is increasingly saturated with viable alternatives.


  1. I am totally excited! I hope they have a keyboard cover but also hope it’s not as useless as that cover they have either. I for one an anxious to see the new design with the greatly reduced bezel! This might even help me overcome my irritation with the iPhone 5S.

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