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Case Scenario News from CES

Wow, it looks as though Case Scenario has got the iPhone 5 covered this year. At CES they’ve introduced all sorts of cases for the iPhone 5 for boys, girls and everybody! The iPhone 5 came out a while ago now didn’t it, isn’t the new iPhone going to be coming out soon? All these new cases and they’ll be obsolete in a month or two, so what’s the point. Personally if I was these companies I wouldn’t make anything for any iPhones really as every few months your products are obsolete and out of date. Then again, it’s the same way with most technology isn’t it? Oh well, read on to see what’s going on  with Case Scenario…



Case Scenario, a design oriented mobile accessory maker, announces the availability of the iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase during CES 2013. Inspired by the now iconic iPad Bookcase, the new iPhone 5 cases come with two standing positions for both landscape and portrait viewing angles. The Case Scenario iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase is made with the best quality Nubuck material which combines both usability and protection. It has been created as the Case Scenario design response to the flip case. The first set of cases are available in red Scarlet Sage (19-1559) and black Tap Shoe (19-4004). 

The Case Scenario iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase is available now for $49.99 at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.  Case Scenario will announce new color options for the Pantone Universe Bookcase in Spring 2013.



Case Scenario, a design oriented mobile accessory maker, is proud to introduce its very own branded collection at CES 2013.  The first collection, Skin and Bones, is a fashion forward, snap on double layered case which combines a TPU rubber inner case with a hard outer shell for ultimate durability, protection and style. 

The Case Scenario double layered case is a new vision for maximum protection for iPhone 5.  The European-inspired design protects the iPhone while keeping the aesthetic of the case with sleek, slim lines.  The first inner layer fits snuggly onto the case while the second, hard shell layer gives complete shock absorption protection.  Available in four striking colors – blue, pink, black and Case Scenario red – the cases are enhanced through the two-tone effect created by the contrast in materials.

The Case Scenario iPhone 5 Skin and Bones collection will be available Spring 2013.



Case Scenario, a design oriented mobile accessory maker, is proud to announce the printed iPhone 5 collection featuring Boy, Girl and Concept cases at CES 2013.  The new printed collection was created for the style conscious person who wants to change the look of their iPhone according to season, mood or outfit.  The printed iPhone 5 collection strengthens Case Scenario’s brand goal – to create a mobile case as a fashion accessory inspired by current style trends.



The Case Scenario Boy collection features a series of four tailored shirt patterns picked from some of the trendiest menswear collections.  The cases will be available in a pinstripe, vertical stripe, black/red or black/white checkered patterns.



The Case Scenario iPhone 5 Girl collection features the most stylish colors and prints for 2013 sure to match all the flowered prints that are a must-have for the season.




The Concept collection by Case Scenario will change from season to season and will feature the current season’s trendiest design element.  The first set of cases will be a fine marble print available in black or white.



The Case Scenario iPhone 5 Boy, Girl and Concept collections will be available Spring 2013.