imageWent a little long on the title, I know but when an app packs that much into it, it deserves it. ArkWords is a free all-in-one word app that includes a dictionary, thesaurus and a translator and to top it off they have a Word of the Day live tile! Pretty sweet twist. This is a few apps packed into one for the unbeatable price of free.

ArkWords is all about words! It features a comprehensive dictionary, thesaurus, and translator. It also speaks the words in English and certain other languages. When enabled in settings, the word of the day can be shown as a Live Tile on your start screen (just tap-and-hold ArkWords in your app list and choose "pin to start")

This is from our buddies at The Auri Group and this is their debut in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Let’s hope it’s the first of many. Great start guys!

Download it from marketplace by going to



  1. The live tile feature is not working on my Samsung Focus. I’ve checked and unchecked the box, uninstalled and reinstalled, and still not there.

  2. @Gary: the live tiles on all apps need some time to kick in since the ‘live’ features are actually sent by MS I bleieve. So you need to wait for MS’s server to sedn it a packet of data as to what word to show in this case. When I loaded the weather apps they took a little time to work initially as well.

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