From the Jailbreak Community for the iPhone comes a new app that will give your lock screen some more functionality missing from iOS 6. It’s called Atom and it allows you to add 6 icons to your lock screen that you can open by dragging a grabber button over the app icon you want to open right from your lock screen. You are limited to just 6 icons on your lock screen at this time but can customize it with any app you want.

It is available at the Big Boss repository for $1.99.

[9to5mac via @the_gadgeteur]


  1. Seems our Mobilitydigest editors have turned this joint into another disgraceful Apple fanboy cult hangout..


    Oh right, gotta spell that out for Ram so that there aren’t any misunderstandings: That was a joke right there Ram, I was not being serious, I do not think this has turned into an Apple fanboy cult nor did I just unsubscribe from anything as a result of Smith’s lockscreen icon app article.

    • I thought you might like that Simmons. More Android goodness being brought to the iPhone. C’mon, you know you are eyeing the iPhone 5S! Admit it!

    • Hey I didn’t know about that. I thought you would be disappearing forever from here. I know some dreams will never come true and trolls like you never change. Shove your English grammer in the a$$ of your darling Schmidt. My foot, I don’t care.

  2. Classic Simmons behavior right here — due to some silly rift with Ramon over which commenting system to use, Simmons comments his ass off, then fires up Livefyre, shuts up, turns it back off and now he’s blanketing the site with troll comments again. So much wasted effort and for what, to make Ramon feel bad? Hey Simmons, no one’s falling for it you sad troll. Not even that good a troll as far as trolls go. Damn.

    • I don’t think he is talking about Ramon, but Ram Uppugunduri. With Ramon being the head knocker around these parts, it’s nice to see Simmons tee off on him for a change. But never fear, Simmons never misses a chance to kick me in the nuts any post I make. LOL

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