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MapMyRide+ Must Have For Cyclists 50% Off

One of my must have apps is MapMyRide+ as an avid cyclist. At my ripe old age it is hard to find the strength and energy to ride fast so I have to also rely on technology and equipment. First and foremost, I took everyone’s advice and bought the best bike I could for the money I had. A Trek Madone carbon fiber. What a difference. But I was soon finding myself at a stand still and not getting faster as I had hoped with training. So next I got a bike computer with cadence. Another huge difference maker! Keeping my RPMs steady and not pedaling out of control or too slow made a huge difference. There was just one thing left and that was a way to look back on my ride and look at my strengths and weaknesses. That where MapMyRide for iOS comes in. This was the last little thing I could get other than blood sweat and tears to improve my ride. The app has a ton of features but I use it to see my course ridden and then use the split separator to see what mile I was the fastest and what miles I was slow. Then I can compare them to the climbs and see how bad I sucked on the hills.

MapMyRide+ is the paid app version that is ad free and gives you a few other special features the freeware version doesn’t like camera support and music in app controls. Right now it is 50% off from $1.99 to just $0.99. I really like the app and recommend it.