motorola-atrix-hd-dockEvery time I see a new docking station the first thing I say is that is so cool! But the problem has always been that they are so expensive and would I really in fact use this feature? I mean, screen sizes and resolution, as well as user interface have improved so much on smartphones that I rarely find myself “needing” to get me tablet out or crack my laptop open. The geek in me wants to love this capability but I just would never use it. So my question to the readers is do you use a cocking station and how do you justify the expense?

What brings this up today is the launch of the Motorola ATRIX HD on AT&T and the docking station option for an additional fee that is also available. The dock will cost $49.99 and can be purchased from Motorola here:


The Motorola ATRIX HD Dock will allow you to connect your device to an HD Monitor or HD TV as well as add other peripherals like a USB keyboard and mouse. Check out the video below for more information and let us know if you are getting one, or have one and what you think about it.



  1. I bought my OEM dock and a spare battery on sale at half price. That made the purchase worthwhile. I never use the extra functionality, though I tried when it was new. Didn’t work as expected. But it is nice looking and serves as a bedside charger. Not at all a necessity, as I have 2 other charging cables. Still nice to have, but too expensive at the original price, and if you have to have it, then that sucks. I didn’t need it, and being device specific, almost regret the additional investment, even if it was only half price.

  2. A few clarifications, this dock does NOT allow you to use USB devices. There is only a mini-USB charging port and HDMI out. One of the previous Atrix docks had full size USB ports built in but for some reason they saw to remove them. Which leaves this as a fancy charging dock with some media output options.

    Also this thing is buggy, the “bedside clock” option crashes, which is unfortunate because it worked when I first got it and it was a very nice, subtle clock to have by my bed side. The other dock options are sparse at best with a media player and calendar. Honestly if I could figure out how to run the bedside app without plugging the dock in it would be better and wouldn’t have cost a thing.

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