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AT&T ATRIX HD Dock is Cool But Who Wants It?

motorola-atrix-hd-dockEvery time I see a new docking station the first thing I say is that is so cool! But the problem has always been that they are so expensive and would I really in fact use this feature? I mean, screen sizes and resolution, as well as user interface have improved so much on smartphones that I rarely find myself “needing” to get me tablet out or crack my laptop open. The geek in me wants to love this capability but I just would never use it. So my question to the readers is do you use a cocking station and how do you justify the expense?

What brings this up today is the launch of the Motorola ATRIX HD on AT&T and the docking station option for an additional fee that is also available. The dock will cost $49.99 and can be purchased from Motorola here:


The Motorola ATRIX HD Dock will allow you to connect your device to an HD Monitor or HD TV as well as add other peripherals like a USB keyboard and mouse. Check out the video below for more information and let us know if you are getting one, or have one and what you think about it.